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Users with disabilities (and any other users) who wish to Request to Know or opt-out of the sale of their personal information can also contact us by calling us at 1-855-950-2595 during business hours.

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS - To the extent required by the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA): California residents who want to know what Personal Information (as defined in the CCPA) we maintain about them may send a Request to Know using the webform below or by calling us at 1-855-950-2595 during business hours. We will confirm receipt of your Request within 10 days and fulfil your request within 45 days, or up to 90 days if we notify you as to why we need more time. You will first be required to prove your identity as required by the CCPA and as set forth in our Privacy Notice to California Residents. If we cannot successfully verify your identity, or if the information would be too sensitive to disclose, we may not be able to provide the Personal Information to you. You may only submit 2 Requests to Know per year.

By clicking Submit Request, I authorize the controller of the website selected above to contact me to verify my request and to perform the Type of Data Request selected above. Your request will not be performed until we are able to verify your identity, and the identity and authority of anyone who may attempt to act on behalf of another person, in accordance with applicable law. Any request may be denied if it cannot be verified.